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On the Three-Particle Toda Lattice and Some of Its Approximants (pp 75-114)
Timo Hofmann
Full Article PDF (4732 K)

Dynamical analysis of a fractional SIR model with treatment and quarantine (pp 115-124)
Ricardo Almeida
Full Article PDF (345 K)

Multiattractor hyperchaotic system with a small perturbation of the phase trajectories (pp 125-131)
V. G. Prokopenko
Full Article PDF (495 K)

Prediction of Horseshoe Chaos in a Nonlinearly Damped Asymmetrical Systems (pp 133-146)
S. Valli Priyatharsini, B. Bhuvaneswari, V. Chinnathambi and S. Rajasekar
Full Article PDF (1070 K)

Can the Accuracy of Clusters Determine their Developmental Stage in Children Using the Measure for Cluster Proximity (MCP)? (pp 147-162)
Elena Babatsouli
Full Article PDF (788 K)

Reservoir-computing machine-learning algorithms as observers of spatio-temporal chaos (pp 163-173)
Lucas Illing and Noah Shofer
Full Article PDF (1239 K)