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Timescales and Error Estimates in Dynamical Systems (pp 473-494)
Ferdinand Verhulst
Full Article PDF (525 K)

Panjer Randomized Fibonacci Model and Dynamic Instabilities in Population Growth
Models (pp 495-509)
Maria de Fatima Brilhante, Maria Ivette Gomes, and Dinis Pestana
Full Article PDF (893 K)

Exploring Sullivan’s Health Status Index of Mortality and Morbidity
Christos H Skiadas and Charilaos Skiadas
Full Article PDF (215 K)

Synchronization in von Bertalanffy's models (pp 519-528)
J. Leonel Rocha, Sandra M. Aleixo and Acilina Caneco
Full Article PDF (431 K)

Stability and Bifurcation in the Hénon Map and its Generalizations (pp 529-538)
O. Ozgur Aybar, I. Kusbeyzi Aybar, and A. S. Hacinliyan
Full Article PDF (580 K)

A Mathematical Model of the Metabolism of a Cell. Self-organization and Chaos
Valerii I. Grytsaya, Iryna V. Musatenko (pp 539-552)
Full Article PDF (858 K)

Mutual information rate and topological order in networks
J. Leonel Rocha and Acilina Caneco (pp 553-562)
Full Article PDF (654 K)

Chaos in a Modified Cardiorespiratory Model (pp 563-570)
Tatyana S. Krasnopolskaya and Evgeniy D. Pechuk
Full Article PDF (679 K)

Chaos Cryptography: Relation Of Entropy With Message Length and Period (pp 571-581)
George Makris, Ioannis Antoniou
Full Article PDF (286 K)

Chaotic Neural Networks with a Random Topology Can Achieve Pattern Recognition (pp 583-590)
Ke Qin and B. J. Oommen
Full Article PDF (393 K)

Signals of Chaos in the Transient Current Through As2S3(Ag) and As2Se3(Al) Thin Films (pp 591-599)
A. S. Hacinliyan, Y. Skarlatos, O. Ozgur Aybar, I. Kusbeyzi Aybar, E.Kandiran, A. C. Keles, and E. C. G. Artun
Full Article PDF (334 K)

The Fractional Laplacian as continuum limit of self-similar lattice models (pp 601-607)
Thomas M. Michelitsch, Gerard A. Maugin, Shahram Derogar, and Franck C.G.A Nicolleau, Andrzej F. Nowakowski
Full Article PDF (329 K)

Self-organization in the thin gas-sensitive Ag-containing polyacrylonitrile films (pp 609-614)
V. Petrov, N. Plugotarenko, T. Semenistaya
Full Article PDF (187 K)

Stochastic Model Reduction for Polynomial Chaos Expansion Using Proper Orthogonal Decomposition(pp 615-623)
Mehrdad Raisee, Dinesh Kumar and Chris Lacor
Full Article PDF (654 K)

Exponential dichotomy and bounded solutions of the Schrodinger equation (pp 625-630)
Oleksander A. Pokutnyi
Full Article PDF (302 K)

Stability and bifurcation in a two species predator-prey model with quintic interactions (pp 631-635)
I. Kusbeyzi Aybar and I. Hacinliyan
Full Article PDF (636 K)

Model Order Reduction for Nonlinear Schrödinger Equation (pp 637-645)
Canan Akkoyunlu, Murat Uzunca, and Bulent Karasozen
Full Article PDF (474 K)

Layer-Recurrent Neural Network Modelling of Reactive Distillation Process (pp647-656)
Abdulwahab GIWA and Saidat Olanipekun GIWA
Full Article PDF (257 K)

Nonlinear Dynamical Systems Theory and Economic Complexity (pp657-667)
Aleksander Jakimowicz
Full Article PDF (509 K)

Some aspects of stochastic calculus and approximation in chaotic systems analysis (pp 669-678)
Gabriel V. Orman
Full Article PDF (323 K)